Rodilý mluvčí

Native speaker in English lessons – Rodilý mluvčí v hodinách angličtiny

Během předešlých 3 týdnů měli studenti naší školy příležitost komunikovatv hodinách angličtiny s rodilým mluvčím. Na školu opakovaně zavítala Dee Douglas, Američanka žijící na Floridě. Studenti si tak mohli vyzkoušet své znalosti akomunikační dovednosti, navíc získali celou řadu zajímavých informací z oblasti kultury, politiky a každodenního běžného života v USA.

Mgr. Jana Riegerová

Očima studentky Kristýny Hasilové z 1. B (v anglickém jazyce)

One day, I think it was Tuesday, ourteacher (Mrs Riegerova) came to the classroom with some person, to us unknown. She introduced herself as DEE, an American from Florida.We started our conversation in English and asked her a lot of questions. For example "What does she like in the CR? " She answered: „ I like the countryside here. In Florida there are not
any mountains, here are small but there are some..." What is your favourite meal? " I like almost everything, but my favourite is probably schnitzel", we all laughed. It was
very funny that she likes the same dish as most of us. That was just a first lesson, but we already started to like her.

She spent with us more lessons. We talked about the differences between our countries, famous people, politics and so on. Last lesson we spoke about Easter and traditions. She told us an interesting story about Easter Bunny. I think we will all remeber it. Finally, we took a photo and said goodbye. We were so happy, that we could speak and practise our English skills.

„ Thank you Dee for coming and we hope we will meet you again"